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Using Applitools with Playwright Typescript

Playwright Fundamentals

Playwright is a powerful, open source test automation framework specifically designed for testing web applications. It provides the ability to perform end-to-end testing with great efficiency and accuracy. Developed by Microsoft, Playwright enables developers to automate browser tasks across multiple browsers including:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

The core features of Playwright include the trifecta capability of Single API to automate, reliable auto-wait for elements, and efficient network handling. It is fast, reliable, and capable of modern web testing features including generating screenshots and PDFs, testing network requests, and mocking mobile devices. It aims to improve test stability and to let the automation framework focus on high value tasks.

Getting started with Playwright and Visual AI

There are multiple ways to get started using Playwright and Visual AI with Applitools.

Additional Resources