Setting the automated test maintenance scope

The Eyes Test Manager's Automated test maintenance features automatically replicate the maintenance actions you perform in one step across other steps with similar underlying checkpoint images within a batch. Setting the scope defines the range over which the Test Manager applies the Automated test maintenance actions.

The Automated test maintenance features work over several ranges of steps in a batch. You can set the scope of the Automated test maintenance features to:
  1. Default – Scans the default scope for each maintenance task.
  2. Batch – Scans all steps in a Batch.
  3. Selected Test results or selected Steps – Scans all steps in the selected range.
  4. Scan the current step only – Applies changes to the current step only.

Your maintenance actions automatically trigger the Automated test maintenance features.

Range of the different scopes

Scope Group steps by similar diffs Accept/Reject and Region operations
Default All steps in the batch.

All steps in tests that have the same:

  1. Test name.
  2. Application name.
Batch All steps in the batch. All steps in the batch.
Selected tests All steps in the selected tests. All steps in the selected tests.
Selected steps Only selected steps. Only selected steps.
Current step Disabled.

Only the current step.

Note: This refers to all occurrences throughout the current step of an image that is encapsulated by the set region.

Setting the scope

You can set the scope by selecting an option from the Auto Maintenance menu in the Test results toolbar.

Auto maintenance scope options

To set the scope:
  1. Click on the Auto Maintenance drop-down to open the menu.
  2. Select one of the following options:
    • Default
    • Batch
    • Selected tests/steps in batch
    • Current step only
  3. Click outside the menu to close it.