Using the Eyes/Jira integration

This article describes how to link an Eyes issue with a Jira issue. From within the Eyes Create issue dialog, you can request to create a Jira issue and Test manager will open a new browser tab with the Jira create issue page, populated with information on the current batch, test, and step, and with the Jira project ID, issue type, and other information configured in the Eyes Admin panel. See the article Setting up the Jira/Eyes integration regarding how to enable and configure this feature.

The Eyes Jira integration allows you to:

Background - accessing the Eyes issue dialog

All the actions you can do related to Jira are done from the Eyes issue dialog. You can enter this dialog in one of the following ways:

  • If you have not yet created the Eyes issue, then, from the Test editor or Step editor, create a new Eyes Issue by clicking on the icon, marking a rectangular area on the baseline or checkpoint image, and in the dialog that opens, entering a title and clicking Create. The issue dialog will open. For more information on creating Eyes issues see Add issue and remark regions to the step images.
  • If the Eyes issue already exists, you can open the Eyes issue dialog by clicking on the issue icon in the Test editor or Step editor step image.
  • You can also open the issue dialog from the main Test Results page in the Issues and remarks view by clicking on the issue in the list of issues displayed.

Create a new Jira issue

To create a new Jira issue from the Eyes issues dialog, do as follows:

  • Click on the Create new Jira issue button. Eyes will open a new tab in the browser with the Jira create issue page preloaded with information about the current checkpoint, test, and batch.

  • Fill in any other details and create the Jira issue. The project and issue type are predefined as configured in the Admin panel - see Setting up the Jira/Eyes integration.

  • Save the Jira issue. When you do this, it is given an issue ID and this is displayed when you view the issue. Make a note of the issue ID.

  • Go back to the Eyes browser tab, type the issue ID into the dialog, and click OK.

Link to an existing Jira issue

If you want to link a new or existing Eyes issue to an existing Jira issue, then from the Eyes issues dialog do as follows:

  • Click on the Jira button menu selector and choose the option Link to another issue, a dialog will open.
  • Enter the Jira issue ID and click OK in the dialog that opens. The Jira issue ID is the name that appears in Jira at the top of the issue after you save it.

Navigate to the Jira issue linked with an Eyes issue

  • Open the Eyes issues dialog for an existing Eyes issue.
  • Click on the View in Jira button.
  • Test manager open a new browser tab loaded with the associated Jira issue.

Disconnect from a Jira issue

If you've linked an Eyes issue to a Jira issue and want to unlink it, then in the Eyes issues dialog, click on View in Jira and select Disconnect from Jira.