Cheats for ARK: Survival Evolved

Oil and Ancient Amber Generator

ARK – Best Survival Based Game

ARK is developed and published by the Studio Wildcard. It is created with the combination of survival and action & adventure genres. For enjoying the game, the interested ones can spend time by participating in single player and multiplayer modes. In the Ark cheats, the players can get lots of information about the game and related factors. It can be played on following platforms.





Xbox One

PlayStation 4

Nintendo Switch

Microsoft Windows

By focusing on all these things, you can work on various factors. With it, you should not forget to deal with essentials carefully such as – ancient ambers.

Oil and Ancient Amber Generator

What about ancient ambers?

Ancient ambers are the rare currency in the game. By spending such funds, you are able to perform following tasks.

Get fish for best loot

Crafting different types of items

Get an access to dungeons

A source to revive creatures

A way to create potent dust

With these factors, you are able to get numerous other benefits. If we talk about the toughest part then it is the methods of collection. There are different types of methods available for such a task.

Easiest one

First of all, we are going to focus on the easiest method which is use of Ark survival evolved cheats. Hack tool is associated with some specific currency generation services. These services are becoming a source by which you can get lots of benefits. It will help you in eliminating the requirement of complicated and highly effort putting methods of getting funds.

The interested ones are required to visit an online source and follow a few steps only. After completing such steps they can easily get a big amount of ancient ambers.

In-game ways

Some individuals are interested in following the in-game ways only. If you are one of these then you should check out upcoming factors.

Spend real money

In the game store, you can see different types of offers. All these offers are providing assistance in availing several benefits. Here, you can check out some specific offers associated with the amount of ancient ambers. By spending real money, you can avail these and get funds.

Promotional content

There are some promotional video clips available. By accessing these specific clips, you are capable of claiming some rewards such as – ancient ambers. For watching the clip and getting rewards, you are required to spend a few seconds only.

With these ones you can get lots of other options and Ark cheats like – daily bonuses, completing missions and so on. You should be careful when it comes to work on all these things.

Tips for playing

Choose little one

When you are going choose a creature to attack then you should be gentle. Try to pick the creature that cannot be able to fight back. It can make the activity easier. As a result, you can achieve the objectives without any kind of issue. Here, the players can select the dodos.

Far from beach

Location selection is the trickiest part of the game. Everyone should try to build base far from the beach as much as possible. In case your base is near to the beach then in Player versus Player mode you face attacks first.

Be strategic

While building base you need to be smart and follow a good strategy. Try to build a base where you can keep all essentials safe efficiently. These things are possible by following a specific strategy.

With these factors, the individual should get help from Ark hack to generate ancient ambers and upgrade the base. By upgrading base you can increase its strength and safety level.

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