Ark | How to Spawn the Tek Rex w/ Admin Commands | Where to Find them | Color Regions

Ark Tek Rex Spawn Command

Ark Tek Rex Spawn Command

Oil and Ancient Amber Generator

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how to spawn in a Tek Rex in ark xbox one and PS4

Please watch: “How to spawn in Ascendant Pump Action Shotgun GFI Command” –~–
How to Spawn in a tek rex in ark xbox one and PS4

This is our ark server. It’s a PvE Ragnarok 20 player server
[EU] Gray’s youtube boosted server

This is our Discord server, where you guys can come and hang out with me and other ark fans who are playing on my server.

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In order to play ARK survival evolved in a new way, players can also try to use ARK Cheats. It will help novices to get unlimited oil and ancient amber for to win much faster.

I show you how to spawn max level tek rexs on every server type, official and private server
This is NOT by using admin commands, but by going to my secret rex spawn location. Learn how to spawn and tame tek rexs.
Yes this was filmed on my private server but this works just as well on official servers.

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