Is paper pellet bedding good for hedgehogs?

Paper pellet bedding is one of the most common material for hedgehogs bedding that you can easy find at any pet stores. Hedgehogs spend most of the time playing in the cage, so it is important to provide the best bedding for hedgehogs that safe for them and totally soft and comfortable.

All substrates have pros and cons and paper pellet bedding is no exception. Choosing the best bedding for your hedgehog is more complicated than it should be especially for new owners. In order to make the choose easier for you, here are the pros and cons of paper pellet bedding.

#1 Pros of paper pellet bedding

Paper pellets do a very great job for absorbing odor and liquids. That makes this bedding a good choice for the toilet area if you managed to litter train your hedgehogs. If your hedgehog is fairly messy, pellets will surely do a great job in masking the smell.

The best paper pellet bedding for hedgehogs is also unscented so doesn’t irritate the hedgehog’s sense of smell. It is excellent at keeping dust levels low and allows the hedgehog to burrow through it they forage.

#2 Will the paper pellets get eaten?

Hedgehogs are inquisitive by nature and will invariably chew on new things. Unfortunately, in some cases, hedgehogs may decide to eat the paper pellets, affecting their digestion, leading to diarrhoea or constipation. It is even worse if they chew on paper pallet which gets wet and sticky, ending up getting stuck in their mouth or worse still their throat.

In order to prevent it, you have to keep an eye on your hedgehog when introducing new paper pellet bedding, to make sure they are not suffering from reacting to the bedding or from eating the bedding.

#3 Scented

I used to see some of the paper pellet bedding that is lightly scented, but they are generally marketed as odour-control. They are not a good ideal because hedgehogs have a very strong sense of smell and I’m always conscious of using something I feel could cause distress to our pet.

#4 Costly

Paper pellet bedding is not cheaper than other bedding materials. It is also not reusable and this means it needs to be regularly purchased. This can be a costly regular exercise in compare with reusable fabric-based bedding.

#5 Sticky

I do not recommend this type of bedding for the whole habitat of hedgehogs. This is because the issue with the pellets is that they might stick in between the quills of your hedgehog and you still need to keep a close eye on the pellets or this can be quite painful for your little friend.

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