What are the best riding boots for women?

Woman need more than just a stylish riding ensemble, they also want to stay in style with the riding boots. That means the best boots for riding should not only ensure your comfort and safety as much as possible when horse riding but also staying feminine and remain stylish while toughing it out on the show.

If you decide to invest in a pair of riding boots for woman, this post will go through what you should consider before buying and share my boots recommendations with you.

#1 Design

Although ankle-length riding boots are common, I would like to recommend you to go with proper tall boots to protect the skin for the lower leg from getting raw after rider or show. Ladies also feel most comfortable when rides and hunts. If you are going into show or hunt, the tall boots also ideal to go into a show or hunt.

On the other hands, short boots are great for all-around use that you can wear to go around and different purpose aside from horse riding. However, they provide less protection for your legs on rides unless you also wear half-chaps.

#2 Always choose calf leather boots if possible

Calf leather is a type of leather from juvenile domestic cattle. Although this type of leather is thin but they are comfort and durability. It is known for being thin but very flexible nature.

Besides, when it comes to fashion standpoint, the other material such as rubber is often hardly come close to the style and elegant look like what leather boots do.

#3 Zipper Or Laces

The fact that this factor is more depends on each person’s individual preferences. Laces offer a more comfortable fit, so it might be best for beginners who are just starting to learn to ride. However, you also can find the zipper boots with the right materials and right fit that also can offer the same comfort the lace can give.

#4 Fashion boots are not for riding

For woman riders, who always want to look their tip top best in their riding gear, they are may want to use fashion boots for riding. But this type of boots are usually worn for style and not for function. They are less durable and cannot endure the stress of horse riding as well as lack of additional protection factures.

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