What are the best kid riding helmets?

The first step to let your child learning to ride is ensure that they are safe and fully protect from the inevitable accidents. Even the experienced riders will inevitably fall and get injury while riding. According to study, the helmets can prevent around 80% head trauma injuries.

There are not many helmets for children under the age of ten available in the market. But do not wearing helmets can leads to some serious health issues. That is why I have reviewed here top 5 quality, extremely durable best riding helmets for kids.


#1 Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding Helmet

Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding Helmet comes in 16 different colors and patterns for both boys and girls. There are many reasons that make it a top choice helmet in this list. It features a dial-fit knob at the back of head that allow you to adjust it to your kid’s head size.

When it comes to cleaning, you can remove the interior lining of the helmet to wash it. Although this helmet does have ventilation openings but it has the mesh apertures for better ventilation. It is also keep the head warm during the winter.

The disadvantage of this helmet is that it might be not high ventilated. Besides, it could be a bit heavy and bulky than other child’s helmets.

#2 Ovation Kid’s Metallic Schooler Riding Helmet

Ovation kit riding helmet available in 5 colors with variety sizes for you to choose. If you are looking for the lightweight durable helmet, you should consider this one from Ovation. It also offers the well ventilation, which is good for the kid are get warm easily. It is designed with unique shaped that can be good option for child with round-shaped head.

It can be fit with different head size due to the adjustable features. The adjustment strips have the strong teeth for firmly grip. What I like about this helmet is that you can put on of take off the visor, but the visor may be quite flimsy and prone to break easily.

#3 Troxel TX Horseback Riding Helmet

This is the good first helmet for every kid due to its bright colors. It has the durable lightweight construction. It offers well ventilation due to large mesh covered vents. The air-channel technology and removable washable headliner make it the ideal helmet but you should be careful that over time using the removable headliner may tents to loosen.

The visor is not removable. The most disadvantage of this helmet is that it is not the most comfortable helmet for kid as the chinstrap is located in the interior of the helmet.  There is the dial-fit knob in the back, what make the head sizes are not the matter.

#4 Troxel Legacy Childrens Horse Riding Safety Helmet Low Profile

Looking for the durable helmet with cute pattern? This should be what you want with 2 bright colors pink and blue. There is a dial-fit knob, so you can use this helmet for years even if your child growing. If you cannot find the suitable helmet with the small size, this one is made specifically for young children with small, medium, and large sizes. Ensure that you carefully see the sizing chart in images before purchase on. When it need to be cleaned you can remove and wash the interior lining.

It just offer the an average amount of ventilation, that means it can keep you warm in the long riding but may not suitable for the hottest summer. However, it may look a bit bulky on small heads.

#5 One K Boys’ Defender Jr Helmet

If you want a helmet with variety colors and patterns, this is not ideal helmet for you. However, if you need something with sleek, incredibly professional look, this is the one you need. This helmet will make your kid feel comfortable wearing it as the chinstrap is padded. It can be the ideal helmet for competition.

It offers high ventilation for who are easily get warm and features with a washable quick-dry liner, so your child can wear it comfortably even they are get sweaty. I highly appreciate this helmet even it is a litter more expensive than other options.

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