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In this “Ark How To Tame A Mantis” guide I will show you the best way to tame a Mantis in Ark without the use of Ghille Armor and Bug Repellant. I will show you how to build a trap and how to use it to tame a Mantis easy.

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A full tutorial on how to glitch the snow owl so it can heal for a long time without using stamina or food while being unable to be shot at! Enjoy :]

This test works on any server (Official and Unofficial alike!)

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ARK Survival Evolved.. MODDED Episode 5! I’v compiled the BEST ARK MODS i could find, this series is going to be a WILD RIDE! Buckle up guys, its gonna get CRAZY!
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Ark Bugs Compilation



Oil and Ancient Amber Generator

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*** = Less-minor bugs (according to me).

0:00 – ***Dilo spit causes rubber banding.
0:17 – Ankylos are hovercraft (they go faster in water than on land, and they swim slightly above water)
0:41 – ***The laser attachment also acts like a silencer (The 2nd shot had the laser enabled).
0:47 – There are spots on a Ptera’s head that can be shot through with no effect. There are probably more.
0:54 – The location pin on the map goes through the map. The “Me” marker gets left behind when you press K and move.
1:06 – The pistol can be shot into the air while doing a wave animation (which is cool!), but it also shoots at the camera’s target (which might be a problem).
1:15 – Lots of animations look crazy when you look up all the way. Especially waving while sprinting while looking up with a pistol 🙂
1:37 – Sign text can extend (way) past the sign itself.
1:44 – Not a bug–simultaneous emotes is actually really cool 😀
1:52 – A bug. You can be thankful TO THE GROUND.mp4.
2:00 – Underwater caves load in very visibly, making them very easy to spot.
2:16 – Going up or down at steep angles on the Ichthy will slow down or almost stop its movement animation. Also why can’t we launch out of the water and into the air!? 🙁
2:26 – The Ichthy’s mouth goes into itself when it eats.
2:32 – ***There are cracks in the rocks in the ocean that can be gotten under and into. Some of them are big enough for the Ichthy.
2:51 – There is an area above the water that allows you to see far underwater. This is fairly common though, even in released games.
3:08 – ***Spontaneously dying on a parachute 1. Also parachute cords don’t attach properly.
3:17 – Semi-spontaneously dying on a parachute 2.
3:25 – Either spontaneously falling from a parachute, or an awful lag spike.

Hey guys Huma Corn here and in todays video im going to be discussing some ark bugs that help the game and you might be surprised on some of the ark good bugs that were never meant to be in the game but ended up helping it!

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