How To Get 150 Free Tames in Ark survival Ps4 “ Glitch

ARK survival evolved Glitch

ARK survival evolved Glitch

Oil and Ancient Amber Generator

In this video I will be showing you a new insane duplication glitch that is working for ARK right now !!! It’s super easy and you can dupe lots I hope you enjoy and comment if you need any help with this and don’t forget to like and subscribe
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To play ARK survival evolved in a new way, people can also use ARK Cheats. It will help novices to get unlimited oil and ancient amber for completing several tasks quickly.

ARK Survival Evolved Duplication Glitch + FREE GENESIS (S+)

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Hey guys in this video I show you how to dupe items in ARK PC Unofficial with S+

This doesn’t work on official

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Most higher end Servers have removed the Demo Gun so this isnt possible on those servers

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