Pacific Seed Bank Vs. I49 Seed Bank: 5 Reasons Pacific Seed Bank Wins

Pacific Seed Bank vs. i49 Seed Bank

Both Pacific Seed Bank and i49 Seed Bank offers a wide variety of cannabis seed selections open for personal or commercial use. Both of these seed banks are highly reputable in the cannabis industry, but after an insightful assessment of their policies and overall operation, we’ve come to the conclusion that Pacific Seed Bank has better offerings compared with i49 Seed Bank, and here’s why.

5 Reasons Why Pacific Seed Bank is Better

#1 Can issue a refund policy

Pacific Seed Bank is one of the few seed banks that issue a refund policy.

#2 Has an affiliate program

They provide affiliate links that enable website owners and bloggers to earn commissions whenever a reader clicks and purchases through their affiliate links.

#3 Wide variety of selections

Pacific Seed Bank offers an extremely wide variety of feminized, autoflowering and high CBD marijuana seeds, that can be used as a treatment for insomnia, stress, inflammation, chronic pain, lack of appetite, etc.

#4 Provides beginner guide

They provide beginner, intermediate and master marijuana education and germination guide in their website to educate both starters and pros of this field.

#5 Exclusive coupons and free giveaways

Upon your first sign-up, you will be given a 10% off coupon and a chance to win $100 worth of cannabis seeds for free. All you have to do is to sign-up your name and email, then you’re good to go.

Pacific Seed Bank Reviews

According to the Pacific Seed Bank reviews by legitimate customers, they were blown away by the wide variety of cannabis strain selections. This allows them to grow a myriad of good strains for personal or commercial use. Most customers have commended their smooth and expedient shipping transactions with the company. Various pictures that depicts customers’ successful marijuana harvests are shared all over the web.

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